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The online studio is really great. It has a lot of features. It is definitely one of the best for recording and editing.

- Alda G. Medlin

One of the best music platforms that I have ever come across. I got addicted to it.

- Louis G. Ericson

There is a lot of music to hear. They have an amazing collection. Anita J.Cuevas

- Anita J. Cuevas

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Music genres – which is your favorite genre?

We all love music. And most of the time we keep listening to our favorite songs without knowing what genre they belong to! There may even be a trend – like you may be repetitively listening to a certain kind of music, but you won’t be able to put a name on it when someone asks you what kind of music you love. To help you know your taste in music better and to keep you out of any such incident mentioned above, we have a mentioned a couple of genres with which you could identify your taste of music. Read on!

Electronic Dance Music:

The latest music craze which swept off one and all is EDM – the one that’s trending! This new genre of music is something you can hear in almost every club, with people going crazy with the equally crazy beats. A lot of live concerts of EDM music are thronged by fans, just to get the feel that EDM generates! Known initially as Jamaican Dub music, EDM gradually evolved to reach one of the top music genres of this day!



Tracing back it’s origins to America; jazz music is America’s classical answer to the world of rock music. Soothing to the ear, jazz music is difficult to define as it has been part of many great pieces of fusion too. It goes perfectly well with the other genres, making jazz one of the most flexible music genres. It has also witnessed a lot of development at the hands of fantastic jazz players, quite a lot of whom are women too.

Country music:

The easy-going, breezy music with relatable lyrics – that’s what country music is all about! The feel-good nature of this music is what makes many people fall in love with it right away. The best part about it is that it’s neither heavy on the mind nor the ears! Simple instruments are used to create music that’s pleasing to the ear – something you would love to listen to when on a long drive down the road!


Pop music:

The rock and roll kind of peppy music that gets you all groovy to the beats is the one line description of rock music! The best part of the pop genre is that it can complement any other kind of music with superb ease – be it country, rock, Latin – you name it, and Pop’s out there! Synthesizing drums and Electric guitars are among the few instruments used to create the desired magical effect in Pop music.

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